What we offer

Learnerships/ Full Qualifications

NQF Level 1

*Qualification ID 71751: GETC Adult Basic Education & Training

*Qualification ID 73254: GETC Adult Basic Education & Training ECD

*Qualification ID 57937: GETC Hygiene & cleaning

NQF Level 2

*Qualification ID 49648: National Certificate New Venture Creation (SMME)

NQF Level 4

*Qualification ID 58761: FET Certificate Early Childhood Development

*Qualification ID 80646: FET Certificate Beauty and Nail Technology

*Qualification ID 66249: FETC New Venture Creation

*Qualification ID 61595: FETC Business Administration

NQF Level 5

*Qualification ID 59201: NC Generic Management

Qualification ID 50334: NC Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices

Skills Programmes

Train-The-Trainer: 117871

Facilitate learning using variety of given methodologies

Assessor: 115753

Conduct outcome-based assessment

Moderator: 115759

Conduct moderation of outcome-based assessments

Coaching and Mentoring: 117877

Perform one on one training job


*Effects of HIV/ AIDS on the individual workplace and society

*Effect of the HIV/ AIDS pandemic on the economy, sub-sector and organisation and a specific workplace

*Apply health and safety to work area

Skills Programmes: Beauty

*Set up a Salon

*Salon Management

*Beauty Services

*Nail Technology

Skills Programmes: ECD

*Resources in an ECD environment

*Activities and holistic development

*Starting and Managing an ECD service

Skills Programmes: Business

*Business Communication

*Professional Ethics

*Business Finances

*Business Operations

*Innovation and creativity


Skills Programmes: Hygiene and Cleaning

*Introduction to cleaning

*Ablution cleaning

*Above the floor cleaning

*Textile surface cleaning

*Hard and resilient floor cleaning

*Professional service and teamwork

*Environmental Awareness

*Life skills- Health

*Life skills- Literacy

*Life skills- Numeracy

*Life skills- Finance

Skills Programmes: Skills Development Facilitator(SDF)

Fundamental learning programmes accelerated adult education and training (AET)

Basic/ Intermediate & Advance Competence

*Communication in English

*Numeracy in English

Competency Assessment

*Cedars offer assessment in communication in English and Mathematical Literacy on the following levels

*AET Levels 1 to 4

*NQF Levels 1 to 4

Foundational Learning Competence FLC: NQF 2

*Communication in English


Monitoring & Evaluation

*Accreditation Assistance